Utah SB 138 - Sex Change Amendments

Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah stands with the Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah in opposing a provision in Utah Senate Bill 138, Sex Change Amendments, which would prevent parents of transgender youth from petitioning the courts on behalf of their children.

SB 138, introduced by Todd Weiler, had been a source of hope for all trans Utahns, until an amendment was added which included a provision to deny petitions from those under 18. Last Friday, February 23, the bill was defeated 16 - 10 in the Senate, largely because of that provision. We've been informed that Sen. Weiler will be reintroducing the bill today.

We believe that this restriction harms transgender youth. If this provision were removed, TEA would otherwise be able to support SB 138, but we hold dear the concept that this bill MUST include all of us, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Senator Weiler did not include this provision in the original bill, and we hope that through dialogue with our community members and leaders, that his fellow members of the Senate might have a change of heart, and realize the damage that this would do to our youth.

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