TEA statement on proposed bill to block access to affirming care for transgender youth in Utah

Transgender Education Advocates of Utah is aware of a proposed bill from Rep. Brad Daw that would prevent transgender youth from accessing hormone therapy or surgery. 

While this proposal is in the early stages and a bill has not been filed, we are alarmed by the impact it could have on our community as well as the unintended consequences that may arise when legislators get between patients and their providers.

Transgender and intersex children and their families already face significant barriers to receiving the treatment they need, and medical and mental health guidelines for standards of care already exist. 

Conflating medical care for transgender youth with damaging substances like tobacco or alcohol is as misguided as it is harmful. Numerous studies show the positive outcomes transgender youth experience with access to affirming care.

Medical care for the transgender population is widely misunderstood, and the legislation surrounding it often used as a wedge issue. 

TEA looks forward to this opportunity to educate our neighbors about the vast body of research that has already been done to ensure the safety of children in our community.


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