TEA responds to Utah House Bill 302

Transgender Education Advocates of Utah is deeply concerned about Utah House Bill 302, which is sponsored by Rep. Kera Birkeland and bears the misleading and discriminatory title “Preserving Sports for Female Students.”

Candice Metzler, Executive Director for TEA of Utah, released the following statement after the bill was introduced Wednesday. 

“HB 302 seeks to establish discrimination on the basis of sex as a function of law.  The history of exclusion in competitive sports has a long and troubling history. However, this proposed legislation is part of a national effort to target and stigmatize gender diverse youth. 

Openly exploiting at-risk youth for political gain is dangerous and irresponsible. HB 302 attempts to oversimplify the complex and varied nature of human development, disenfranchised diverse bodies, and personal experiences. The impact of this legislation goes beyond transgender students because this legislation will also impact individuals born with intersex development. 

Trying to eliminate natural human variation through legislation will not change the human reality that sex development and gender identity are diverse experiences that exceed a binary system of categorization. 

All students should be given the dignity and respect of being supported and seen for their unique needs, potential, and contributions. We strongly oppose this legislation as an open forum for perpetuating stigma and abuse against transgender youth.”


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  • Candice Metzler
    published this page in Newsroom 2021-02-04 12:28:27 -0700

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