Support in Schools

Schools nationwide are hostile environments for a distressing number of LGBT students, the overwhelming majority of whom routinely hear anti-LGBT language and experience victimization and discrimination at school. As a result, many LGBT students avoid school activities or miss school entirely.

  • 74.1% of LGBT students were verbally harassed (e.g., called names or threatened) in the past year because of their sexual orientation and 55.2% because of their gender expression.
  • 56.7% of LGBT students who were harassed or assaulted in school did not report the incident to school staff, most commonly because they doubted that effective intervention would occur or the situation could become worse if reported.
  • 61.6% of the students who did report an incident said that school staff did nothing in response.

A hostile school climate affects students' academic success and mental health. LGBT students who experience victimization and discrimination at school have worse educational outcomes and poorer psychological well-being.

TEA of Utah works to educate school boards, administrators, and key policy makers to help ensure that transgender students are able to succeed in school. 

If you or your children has experienced discrimination of harassment at school,
you have rights.



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