Public Accommodations

Any place that provides goods and services to the general public is considered a public accommodation. This includes restaurants, grocery stores, health clinics, hospitals, health clubs, homeless shelters and most social services. Transgender and gender nonconforming people often experience discrimination in their communities when accessing public accommodations including being refused service, being treated differently than their non-transgender peers, or being victims to harmful verbal and physical violence when simply trying to carry out their daily activities. TEA of Utah works to increase legal protections for transgender people and their families on the state and local level so that they are treated with dignity and respect and are able to access the same businesses and services that are available to the general public.

TEA of Utah works to ensure that we all have access to public spaces regardless of our gender identity or expression. Whether we are talking about homeless shelters, public restrooms, or government services, we all deserve equal access.

We know that without this important legal protection, transgender Utahns will continue to live in fear of face violence and harassment. That’s why we educate service providers, business and other entities about the true meaning of these critical protections.  In addition, we are working toward stronger regulations that make clear that non discrimination means equal access to all the same public facilities as everyone else.

There are many ways to get involved in our work to build safe community for transgender Utahns and their families.

If you face discrimination, you have rights.
We encourage you to share your story or file a complaint here.