TEA of Utah reaches major milestone with paid Executive Director

Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah are thrilled to announce Candice Metzler will be the first out transgender person in a paid executive director position for a Utah non-profit organization. 


“The Transgender community performs advocacy in the form of free labor in most of its efforts.  Today we start to change that with TEA of Utah’s first paid Executive Director, whose presence will assist in making our voices more prevalent,” said Sue Robbins, Board Chair for 2019. “The Board of Directors recognizes this incredible milestone and will build upon this in growing TEA of Utah as a key voice in the Utah transgender community.”

TEA reached this major milestone due to overwhelming generosity from the community in its charitable giving. Having a funded Executive Director gives TEA a paid voice for the first time in Utah, which will promote consistent involvement and continuity in advocacy and educational efforts.

From developing affirming school policies to conducting workplace trainings, TEA is motivated to ensure transgender Utahns have the same opportunities and are treated with the same respect as their peers.   

 “For more than ten years, it has been my privilege to have been involved in an organization that is devoted to improving the health, inclusion, and wellbeing of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals throughout the state of Utah,” Metzler said. “The addition of a paid executive director will enhance the abilities of the organization to effect change through our education and advocacy work. I'm overjoyed at the opportunity to be paid to do what I love and excited about what this means for transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals everywhere.” 

About Candice Metzler: 

Candice is a doctoral candidate nearing the completion of a Ph.D. in Social Work at the University of Utah. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her primary area of research is clinical practice with LGBTQI populations. 

Candice  has more than 20 years’ experience in community organizing and advocacy work. She has guest lectured on college and university campuses throughout Utah and worked as a volunteer with the U.S. Department of Justice to train law enforcement officials throughout Utah. 

She also provides academic support to graduate and undergraduate students and is an adjunct instructor in the University Of Utah College Of Social Work. 


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