Gender Change Amendments Bill in Utah Legislature

Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah is pleased to see a bill introduced in the Utah State Senate that addresses the process of changing our names and gender markers. We hope that the bill continues on an affirming path as it makes its way through the Utah Legislature. We believe there should clarity in this judicial process, and that requirements to file for name and gender marker changes should be uniform. This will be helpful for transgender people throughout the state of Utah, as well as the judges that hear our cases.

TEA of Utah will continue to monitor changes to this bill, as it proceeds through the State Legislature, and on to the Governor's desk. We appreciate Todd Weiler's support of our community in this process.


TEA of Utah is a statewide transgender (trans) advocacy organization. Trans-inclusion has always been a primary focus of TEA of Utah's work. From ensuring that gender identity is a core part of nondiscrimination and public accommodations ordinances and laws (in addition to sexual orientation) to training hospital staff, government agencies, non profit organizations and business organizations.

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